Daiwa 15 Saltiga Spin

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Saltiga introduced unrivalled ground breaking technology to the world, Digigear II, Magseal and Zaion Air Rotor setting the standard in high performance design and innovation. In 2015, Daiwa took it even further with the introduction of Magsealed bearings and ATD into the new Saltiga range.

The Saltiga heralded a giant leap forward in design, revolving around magnetic fluid. Developed by NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this revolutionary innovation was introduced to the fishing industry in the 2010 Saltiga. Mixing a liquid with iron isn't easy, but Daiwa has mastered it in the Saltiga range. When dispersed evenly through liquid, the iron oxide (magnetite) has a diameter of 1/100,000mm, so small that the surface area of the ferromagnetic particle is around 1/10th of a single influenza virus.

This new metallic grease/oil takes on a new effect, placed by itself it forms a typical liquid helical shape with the introduction of a magnetic force it changes shape similar to the android in Terminator II, attaching itself to any other metal to form a seal. So strong is this magnetic liquid that if placed in a container with a magnetic surface it would retain its shape even if the bottom were removed. Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction and reduces dust intrusion, eliminating oil spray and significantly improving reel life expectancy.

The challenge for Daiwa was to utilize the inherent benefits of magnetic liquid in reel design. Instead of it being used to dustproof, Daiwa needed something that was water resistant. Innovative design was originally used in the rotor/anti-reverse system, combined new CRBB bearings with a magnetic oil membrane, it made water intrusion a thing of the past.

Not content just with magsealing the rotor/anti-reverse system, the new series introduces an all-new revolution in ultra smooth rotation and water resistance. Magsealed bearings are placed in key points in the reel to increase rotation smoothness and increase part longevity. The new bearings are Magsealed, unlike the Magseal used in the rotor system the new bearings are a fully contained Magsealed bearing. These bearings are placed in the line roller system and the gear system. 

Other introductions in the new series includes a new body design standard, with super metal super precision machine cut technology Daiwa has achieved its finest design ever, with a precision of 4 times better compared to that of the original model.

The drag system is called ATD or Automatic Tournament Drag, this is a new introduction into the Daiwa spinning reel range. The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning of the drag and do not adjust to suit line distance or a fish slowing down. ATD rectifies this issue.

Zaion Air Rotor, this super strong light rotor is like no other - a new revolution in strength and sensitivity. This design disperses pressure to the entire lower section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing. Working in conjunction with the Magseal, the Air Rotor has been hollowed out to create airflow through the whole rotor system. This prevents foreign material such as water, salt, sand and dust collecting inside the reel, the added air flow eliminates moist build up in the reel preventing corrosion issues.

With other designs innovations like Hyper Digigear , Airbail and CRBB utilized, the 15 Saltiga set the standard for all other reels to follow.

15 SALTIGA 3500H 13BB; 1RB 10kg 5.7 PE 2/300m; 3/200m 455g 20675 $1,049.00
15 SALTIGA 4000 13BB; 1RB 10kg 4.9 PE 3/300m; 4/220m 450g 20676 $1,049.00
15 SALTIGA 4000H 13BB; 1RB 10kg 5.7 PE 3/300m; 4/220m 450g 20677 $1,049.00
15 SALTIGA 4500 13BB; 1RB 15kg 4.9 PE 4/300m; 5/240m 610g 20678 $1,229.00
15 SALTIGA 4500H 13BB; 1RB 15kg 5.7 PE 4/300m; 5/240m 610g 20679 $1,229.00
15 SALTIGA 5000 13BB; 1RB 15kg 4.4 PE 5/300m; 6/250m 625g 20680 $1,229.00
15 SALTIGA 5000H 13BB; 1RB 15kg 5.7 PE 5/300m; 6/250m 625g 20681 $1,229.00
15 SALTIGA 6500 13BB; 1RB 30kg 4.3 PE 6/400m; 8/300m 835g 20682 $1,349.00
15 SALTIGA 6500H 13BB; 1RB 30kg 5.7 PE 6/400m; 8/300m 835g 20683 $1,349.00
15 SALTIGA 8000 DF 13BB; 1RB 30kg 4.3 PE 6/540m; 8/400m 850g 20684 $1,449.00
15 SALTIGA 8000H DF 13BB; 1RB 30kg 5.6 PE 6/540m; 8/400m 850g 20685 $1,449.00