A-Just-A Bubble A-Just-A Bubble Floats

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The smallest of the A-Just-A?Bubble Floats is ideal for casting tiny flies and lures further, or finesse float bait fishing for species such as mullet, gar and luderick.

Rig with the narrower end of the float toward the rod tip when retrieving lures and flies, or rig with the wider end of the float toward the rod tip when suspending baits.

Simply feed your line through the float, slide it into position and turn?the top cap to?twist the internal surgical rubber, locking the float onto the line. This allows the float position to be adjusted in seconds, without the use of pegging or stoppers that can be time consuming and damage the line.

Simply open the top cap to add water to cock the float or increase casting distance.

Available in Clear or Translucent Green.

Product Code
Clear - 0601
Translucent Green - 0602