TT Lures Rev Head HD Jigheads

TT Lures Rev Head HD Jigheads

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Combine the realistic look and feel of a soft plastic with the flash and vibration of a spinning blade?and you have a deadly presentation.

The Rev Head's blade adds flash and pulse to your lure and also slows the sink rate, giving soft plastics a more enticing sink that mimics a wounded baitfish. Rev Heads have been a secret among gun bass, flathead and snapper anglers, but will also appeal to a wide range of other species including tailor, trevally, snook and golden perch.

Built on fine wire, chemically sharpened Mustad Aberdeen hook, the blade attracts fish and triggers strikes, while the quality hook ensures you find your mark.

Available in sizes ranging from a 1/8oz #4 to a 1/2oz #5/0, in both Willow and Colorado blades in either gold or nickel (silver).