ZMan DieZel MinnowZ Soft Plastics

ZMan DieZel MinnowZ Soft Plastics

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We're as pumped as US Pro Stephen Browning about the new ZMan 5" DieZel MinnowZ!

Not only does it make a great spinnerbait or ChatterBait trailer, this new 5" version of the original ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ takes this popular slim body paddle tail profile to the next level with more action, more water movement and a bigger profile that will be a killer on barramundi, mulloway, snapper, Murray cod and a stack of other inshore and offshore predatory species.

10X Tough ElaZtech, super-soft and flexible construction, realistic baitfish profile, belly slot and top fin slot for easy rigging and effective weedless rigging, along with a stack of tested and proven colours... and maybe a couple of new additions for the AFTA Trade Show in August...

The 4" DieZel MinnowZ has already accounted for a stack of epic captures and we're sure that its big brother will be hanging out of the mouth of many fish of a lifetime. As Stephen says in the video... if you're mate has them in his kit and you don't... he knows who is going to be catching ;)